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Job opportunities with PMP
Hi All! I want to explore some good job opportunities in and outside India after PMP credential. But feel like low demand in Civil Engineering domain and more in IT.i is it like we are still to adopt PMPs in construction or the market is low now.
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Different job markets might vary, but the PMP is in high demand for engineering and other projects in my region. There are still many IT project managers and those positions also prefer a PMP, but the trend has been to move away from project managers when it comes to software development due to the rate of change in product development.

Still, if a company hires a "project manager," they want to see the PMP credential.

Again, these are the trends I notice in my area. I'm sure there are others here who notice differences in their local job markets.
Don't rule out opportunities other than civil. In aerospace for example, there are so many disciplines involved that we find people from all areas of engineering, particularly as a PM. If you want to specialize in a particular field, that's one thing. PMs can often be the well rounded generalist.

Structural engineering skills are highly sought after and unless you are a dedicated technical specialist, you are often hired more for your ability to adapt quickly to a new job role, than the formal processes you bring with you. Chances are they won't do it the same way you came from where you go next.

As an engineer with PM skills, I would suggest you highlight the PM skills as your primary focus, with the civil skills as your background if you want to move around.
Thanks for the sharing the article for the " Don't rule out opportunities other than civil"
I m looking employment / consulting / trainer opportunities.
I am PMP certified civil engg with over 35 yrs of work experience in medium size projects
Hi Neha,
I also feel the same. Very few employers in construction industry give due importance to a PMP project manager in our part of world. Employers are more focused on relevant engineering & construction knowledge & experience. PM expertise is secondary consideration.

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