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Leader Main Quadrant
What should be the percentage and focus of a leader (project manager) in relation to Strategic and Tactical! 50/50% ? More strategic? Would like to have your thoughts!
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Hard to say. It has to do with the situation, project type, organizational culture, etc.
From my perspective, as a PM using waterfall projects, my focus was more tactical in executing the project plan, as we've transitioned to agile, and the introduction of product owners, my focus as shifted more to a strategic focus on the product and vision and the tactical falls more to the product owner in executing on the day to day and 90 day road map. Interesting question, will anxious to hear other's perspectives on this topic! Thanks Antonio!
The bigger the project, in relation to the client organization, the more strategic you need to be.

Having said that, you may have a project management team where some of the members are more technical.
Thank you all for the comments and contributions! It is in fact an interesting subject for which I would like to see a lot more contributions!
My proposal for discussion is 70 (strategic) / 30 (Tactical) during planning stage and 30/70 during execution!
Open for discussion!

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