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Does it exist or believe that it would be useful to have a WhatsApp group in which daily questions are asked for those who are preparing for the PMP certification?

Existe o creen que sería útil tener un grupo de Whatsapp en el cual se planteen preguntas diarias para quienes se preparan hacia la certificación PMP?
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Facebook is the best for study groups I'm part of 4 or 5 and I probably get 10 questions a day if not more. WhatsApp groups are a mess unless it's controlled and no more than 10 people I had to mute my whatsapp groups as it's way too much!!!.
I totally agree with Martin. LinkedIn groups are good as well !
Agree with Martin. Face to face studies with buddies would be another method though may be on skype or other technology platform.
WhatsApp group is good option but Skype and LinkedIn is better one..
WhatsApp group is good option I'm part of 3 and I probably get 5 questions, but Facebook better .
Telegram channel is a good option, since it accomodates large number of users. whatsapp limitation is there
Whatsapp admin have the responsibility of controlling content send into the group and in most of time is uncontrolled. Facebook or any other social media platform are good for have group study and well organised with schedule time to study. But the person who create the group be showcase social responsibility in group.
There does exist a LinkedIn group called " I want to be a PMP" that allows member to ask and have PMP related questions answered by PMP accredited experts. The one thing that I find is that the same questions relating to the PMP exam crop up so having all this knowledge in a searchable knowledge database or wiki would be most beneficial.
I totally agree with Martin,Facebook is the best for study groups.

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