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What are some of the best online Master of Project management degrees out there?
I have been looking into various online degrees that enhance my PM skills. Any one know of any good online courses? I have found this one that I like from Southern Cross University..


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Any accredited university should give a quality education. I browsed their online course info and was a bit unclear on how the courses are taught.

I got my MS in engineering completely online, however it was a video feed to classrooms where the course was being taught live, similar to WebEx. The courses were recorded so that you could review them again or watch them outside class hours, but some instructors did prefer live attendance. There usually wasn't much student interaction from those of us online, but if there is any live attendance required (e.g. end of semester presentations or group projects), your time zone will be a definite factor. 3 time zones away was sometimes challenging in my case.


PMI keeps a list of accredited programs.

You can filter by region, degree level, and class/online options.

I personally believe no master degree will enhance my PM skills . I find that certifications like PMP , prince 2 and others are pretty much enough. on the other side I am thinking to do a master Degree in Data Science .

My suggestion would be to manage couple of projects of different nature. This will give you practical situation to face. And if you prepare for PMP & Agile certifications than you will imbibe those concepts thoroughly & understand things in details which you will face in your day to day work. Voila, your PM skills are getting updated automatically.

I agree with Dina and Manish. Many organizations will happily let you pay them for a degree, but what can they really teach you beyond what you'll learn to obtain a PMP? If you really want to enhance your PM skills, you should manage a variety of different projects. You can probably best achieve this through consulting.

At the risk of everyone saying otherwise, any experience you can gain beyond the theory will assist, after many years in this business I am still learning. I am currently completing a Masters in PM and find the course I selected to be more industry focused and assumes a level of PM technical knowledge so it is more beneficial.

Although I didn't get my masters in PM, I did find a lot of value to it. I went for Systems Engineering which closely related to PM in many ways and their course studies have a lot of overlap.

I had nearly 20 years experience when I pursued mine, so I had lots of diverse experience already, and had the opportunity to distill and organize the knowledge from my own mental framework. I also got to take a few very practical courses like Six Sigma, advanced spreadsheet modeling, and finance.

I didn't look at it so much as what they could teach me, but rather how much I could learn from it and how to apply it.

In order to enhance your skills, you should manage real projects. Academic study just help to enhance your knowledge, not skillls. You get skills through real experence. The same for any ones who hold PMP Cert. Without practising and applying knowledge in real life, they will never possess high skills.

For what it's worth (since the conversation has turned this direction), I have an MBA with a PM emphasis- only 2 classes short of a MPM, but I would have had to pay for the entire degree again if I also wanted the Project Management degree. I believe the academic study is largely responsible for helping me pass the PMP on the first try. I agree that finishing the MPM would probably not help my career at this point, but I've found myself drawn more into IT fields, where degrees don't impress many people. In other industries, that might make a career impact. If nothing else, it could land you an interview that you would not otherwise get, or distinguish you from other PM candidates.

If you ever want to teach project management, then that master's degree will almost certainly be important.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville offers M.S Project Management online

The university web page says that the online Master of Science in Project Management curriculum is aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), which forms the foundations necessary to obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential.

anyone tried before?

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