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I am a PMP and I am employed full time . I would like to start freelancing on a part time basis. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to start?
Thanks! Peter Kirkland
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If you are already employed full time, I would start by checking with your employer about potential conflict of interest issues. I disclosed and had a talk with our ethics department recently about my personal hobbies and while I was cleared, they educated me on how easy it is to have an actual COI issue.

If it is professional, and in any way related to your employer's business, it is a potential conflict of interest. You might be shocked at how broad that can be.

Do you already have potential customers / gigs?
Can you survive periods of no income, how long?
What kind of insurance do you need?
Did you create a generic profile, and distribute it in social media and to headhunters?
Work on your networking (PMI Chapters?) and presenting skills (toastmasters?).
Do you volunteer with your PM skills?

Part time is a limiting factor. Volunteering might be a reason why you look for part time only.

If I'm reading your post correctly you want to keep working full time while working some extra hours. If so, you can find part-time work on job sites like and

Be very cautious about freelancing when you already have a full-time job. As example, if your freelance project starts tanking requiring you to spend more time, your full-time job will suffer. You won't be able to go to anyone to help prioritize freelance and full-time projects because the only common denominator between the two is you.

You could try small job sites, like

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