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What online project Management tool are you using to track your projects and collaborate with your team members

We are looking for a tool for the team members to have more access to project status
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Currently using ADO (Azure Dev Ops). There are dashboard and reporting options to help showcase current state and offer an information radiator type appeal with the power of the dashboards and power of the query tool.

Also, have used Jira and SharePoint w/ MS Project. A lot depends on current infrastructure and the organization.

I am using currently MS project with SharePoint as well .SharePoint helps that not all team members need to have MS project installed on their computers .

You need to have one ALM tool at Project level. Setup Dashboard which displays various data points like priority, severity, Owner, Aging report. For Code, should opt for Azure DevOps which Andrew mentioned or can use AWS or even on-premise which suits you. Have all these elements integrated so that everything can be tracked, monitored from single place which will increase transparency & collaboration.

My organization uses Jira in an Agile Development environment, along with Tempo for Time Tracking. The tool serves us well as it allows team members to readily see the status of user stories and their corresponding epics. In addition to the tool, we stress activities and standards that ensure we communicate progress to stakeholders, and we strive to ensure our teams see how their work correlates to the items on our Application Roadmaps.
We follow the typical protocol of Product Owners defining epics, and team members actively participating in the refinement, definition and estimation of the user stories. Like any agile team, we review the status of our stories and epics in the daily stand-ups. We also meet periodically to plan sprints and review our progress toward upcoming releases. All of this ensures the team members have line-of-sight to one another’s day-to-day activities, and line-of-sight to upcoming releases of functionality.

Smartsheet is very good

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