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Getting PM experience in IT Projects - Ready to Volunteer

Dear Project Management Professionals,

I have been working in the construction and oil and gas industries for over a decade and gained a good amount of experience in project management in these sectors.
Although I am not experienced in IT project management, that's a great interest to me and I would like to get involved in such projects on a volunteering basis in order to get some experience in the field.
I can support teams in many ways i.e. scope/schedule/cost control, communications, procurement to name few.
If you think I can be of help, please drop me a message.
Looking forward to hearing from you
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Check out some potential opportunities here -

Getting experience on a Volunteer basis in IT Project Management is not an easy thing to get into as many organisation want you to have the technical knowledge and experience to backup your ability to deliver IT projects and have the ability to jump into a technical role on a short term notice if deemed necessary to fill a short term skills gap. I would suggest focusing in a specific area and technology of IT, say Microsoft products as there is general always a demand for expertise in this area and build up your technical knowledge of a their products and gaining credentials my obtaining the MCSA or MCSE qualification. Although the demand for project managers with people skills is increasing there is still the requirement to have the technical know how and knowledge.


why not lookout for startups, who always look for good people for low cost and most of them are dealing also with software/IT.
Or a PMI Chapter, looking for volunteers in their website maintenance. Anyone doing this has to learn how it works anyhow.

IT project management comes in many flavours, and there is no single PM that knows it all, so it is a choice you can make to enter this industry.

Flavours include: software development (with many flavours in itself), software customization (like SAP rollout), data center services, outsourcing, cloud, security, testing/QA, training, web development, call centers etc.

thanks for your valuable advice. It seems without technical knowledge, chances are not that much to start a new career in this field. Its time to roll up the sleeves then :)

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