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Communication Transparency

All, I am in IT department of a manufacturing company. Lately I am seeing that there is a lot of communication issues between inter department. It is just causing restless in me.

Since I have worked always in pure IT product/ services company like HCL, Wipro, Tech Mahindra.

Please suggest how to cope up with this kind of situation.
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I will write as somebody that walked from the bright light of the force (software/It) to the dark side of the force (business)...hehehehe. The key issue I detected along the years is the need to talk in the way non technical people can understand us. Is not easy. We need to talk in terms on wish/desires/wants/etc instead on terms of techical solution. Let me give you an example outside of IT. I am professional tennis coach with international certification given by ITF/ATP. To get the certification I had to study about things that are related to medicine and I had to participate in medical related meetings. It was hard to understand those people due to they talk in their own language.


As Sergio stated, constant use of technical jargon in communications can contribute to divisions between IT and business. However, I have found the primary issue normally relates to what I call "distribution of burden". Many business groups often feel that IT doesn’t provide their group any real value, in fact they view that IT causes them more headaches then they are worth. This can eventually get personal, where they see IT resources making more money and doing less work then non-IT staff, which then builds up resentment that eventually spills over into interdepartmental communications.

A manager of an IT group has a responsibility to “sell the value” of their group to the business. You need to find ways to show that you are truly a support group that is interested in making life easier for those who are in the business trenches – and show that in practical ways. Based on what you stated, there is already a division, in cases like this you may want to find ways to deliver some unplanned value to each group of concern and ask for nothing in return. Sit down at each business station and learn what they do, show an interest and give them some immediate relief – actions such as this go a long way to building bridges that withstand time.

Thanks Sergio and George for the insights

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