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Topics: Ethics, Stakeholder Management
Ethical considerations in project role during internship as a student
Mary is an intelligent student and is doing her internship at a company. Her agreement does not allow her to get a complete access to the project artifacts. The project manager is aware of this. The project manager, who is short staffed wants her commitment to the project and is ready to give her complete access to the project’s resources/artifacts. He also finds her suitable and fit for the role. Mary is interested in the work but also knows her limitations. Over time she has also grown to be a key resource for the project.She approaches the project manager with her dilemma.

Do you face this dilemma in your projects? What is the right approach in such cases? Would like to hear from the group on your views.
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Thank yo all for your excellent comments. The comments add value to the discussion and give readers a flavor of different perspectives. Thx
I go with Kiron Bondale.
@Deepa - Thank you for this question. It's interesting to see the wealth of experience in the provided answers. In addition to the above comments, I would also take into consideration the urgency of the situation and the level of authority given to Mary's project manager.
Thank you all so much for your valuable comments. It is quite interesting to see the different perspective on this discussion topic. Thanks again!
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