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What advice would you offer to someone who is studying for the PMP exam?
In an age where information is at the tip of one's finger, credible information can be hard to come by. As experienced project managers and professionals, what is the best advice you would give to someone studying for the PMP exam?
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Read the book front to back and make sure you understand it. The summaries and glossary help.

Understand the calculations and what they actually mean rather than just the formula.I did find a good video on youtube which helped me get my head around EVM

I found the questions on the apps very different to the actual exam questions. In the exam, there is a lot of unnecessary info in the questions so make sure you filter that out and focus on what is actually being asked.

Finally on a more practical note, make sure you eat plenty before going in to your exam - assuming the test environment is the same everywhere, you are there for the full 4 hours and low blood sugar could have a detrimental impact! Good luck
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