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Guide and Advice For a new member in this Great community.

I am very glad to join such an amazing community . i was always dreaming this achievement. i am student at Kampala International University in Uganda doing master of project planning & Management. i have just got my membership @5 July , any tips how i can benefit from this great community? such as steps and things to do.

Thanks for everyone.
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Welcome, Muktar. We are glad to have you. Always great to see new members come in eyes wide open with enthusiasm.

Simply engage. Read the content, ask questions, join in the responses. Your level of engagement is up to you. Some here are more 'vocal' than others, but certainly, there is no wrong way.

What got you interested? Again, welcome.

There is a wealth of information relating to all aspects of Project Management on the Internet, in libraries and in book stores. I would suggest at this stage looking at all aspects of Project Management so as to gain a broad grasp and to see were you area of interest and possible speciality may lye. Your own project management style is some thing that develops as you own career develops as you meet and manage various different types of people and projects.

Hello Muktar: Wonderful that you have joined this community - welcome! Engage with others in discussion boards like this, attend webinars and reach out to your colleagues. This is a wonderful platform to create relationships and find support!

Be sure you attend the free conferences and network with other project managers there. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Join in on discussions. Your level of engagement depends on how much you want to be involved.

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for everyone for the support you showed me , i am really grateful to be part of this. i noted all your comments and i will try my best to apply all of them.

Don't be shy: explore the site. You will find a wealth of information and opportunities: polls, discussions, blogs, articles, templates, courses, webinars, ...

There is an abundance of information. For me, honestly, the key was to not feel overwhelmed by it. I want to learn everything all at once. I need to coach myself that it is alright to move through the material (webinars, articles, etc.) at a more sustainable pace, one bite at a time.

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