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What are some best practices used while assigning a unique Project ID to a project?
we are looking to assign a unique identifier / Project ID for each project so that it becomes easy to integrate information from different function which are working on same project. As of now we use project name to combine data which is often not consistent across. Can anyone suggest how can we mitigate this issue? thanks.
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Most of our projects are assigned an alpha-numeric number, and at the moment, key project documentation is stored within a central repository. It is a rather rudimentary database as it was developed twenty years ago, but it permits searches via multiple fields like project name, project number, project sponsor, project phase, keywords, etc. Projects are simply numbered as C.XXXXXX. We are supposed to be moving towards a SharePoint solution in the near future. I would also say, that there are standard fields that all projects must enter data for consistency sake. For example some data fields include: project description, capability deficiency, planned deliverables, finance data by budget year, milestones, project risks, project organization, etc...
Vipin -

How are you storing project information? Most commercial PPM solutions will assign a unique ID to each project and some will give you the ability to customize the format of that ID.

While it might be tempting to build some actual useful data into the ID, so long as the project information is in a database that is unnecessary.

As a former information analyst, I concur with Kiron about refraining from building too much intelligence in your project id.

For example, my current project is identified as SD66, where SD stands for Service Delivery, the organizational branch that owns the project. What happens when a reorganization changes the branch name to something that no longer abbreviates to SD?

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