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Life after being a project manager
I am currently contemplating what roles people move in to, after they have outgrown being a Project Manager? Of course there obvious avenues, such as a Program Manager, but it would be good to get some examples of where people have moved to.

I have 3 years experience of Project Management and 8 in my industry (financial services)
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I have over twenty years of experience and have yet to outgrow being a project manager. I have been managing progressively larger projects and have found each one unique and challenging.

I am looking at branching into leadership and communication skills development. I find training, coaching and mentoring very satisfying.

Couching, mentoring,training is the way to go

Coaching, Consulting, Operations Director, Project Director

Leading PMOs
Providing consulting services to help companies improve their PM capabilities
Establishing and improving practice & governance capabilities
Training & coaching (my current role)

Many possibilities as mentioned. Many factors I would think come into play with this type of decision, and what one may think now as the direction may not feel that way when the time comes. Also, think outside the box. Does not have to be so linear, right?

A good field could be to advise non-profit social assistance projects. Dedicate to freelance activities such as risk assessment, communications, among many other areas.

I was in project management for some years and I found that some companies read my profile too much about project and was not a good enough for them without people direct responsibilty and functional responsibility. I migrated to a functional responsability and haiving strong interaction with projects. I have seen a good career path for PMs in both in the functional side in the organization (if they are business savy or strategical oriented) as well for PMO career path.

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