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Is anyone currently using Monday.Com to keep track of projects?
If yes, please let me know how you like it. And if not, what software do you use to manage your projects (i.e. Asana, Jira, Smartsheet, MS Project, etc.)?
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Good afternoon Laney:

I currently use Smartsheet to manage my projects. It is one the best PM tools I have used, flexible and easy to use. The challenge is getting the organization to adopt Smartsheet as their PM Tool.
Hi Laney - Current tools, and depends on client; Jira, Azure Dev Ops (ADO), MS Project, Excel.
Never heard of it, will check it out.
never heard about it. I have used Clarity. project server, jira and vsts. Now i am trying a free version of stadash
I'm looking forward to hearing some reviews of I'm curious if it can combine several subprojects and create dependencies between them. I can't begin to tell becaue many of's commercials focus on hype, and only show the actual product for about three seconds.
No. We are currently utilizing Version One
We use Gitlab for our backlog.
We use MS Project, which serves our needs.
A few minutes ago the app that you mentioned pop up in my social media feed. Never before I heard about it, nowadays I use: Jira, Smartsheet, MS Project and sometimes excel.
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Jul 15, 2019 8:08 PM
Stéphane Parent
I noticed it as well in the Hustle.
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