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Hey Guys,

I know some of you work in tech companies with development going on so maybe you have some recommendations here.

What are your favorite project management tools for small development teams these days?

I'm looking at some new options for our VOIPO dev team because I'm not fully happy with what we currently have.

A lot of stuff seems like it's very overkill for our needs and complicates things there a simple elegant solution out there that still gives all the functionality and visibility needed to help organize the workload for small teams in a fast paced/rapidly changing environment?

Anyone work with project management software and have recommendations suited for a small development team?
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There are a many online project management tools available, Mike. I've dablled in a few of them.

I suspect that any of them would be suitable for a small team. Where they fail is usually when it comes time to scale.

My suggestion is to pick one and learn it inside out.

See if Basecamp fit your needs (

Look at pull-oriented solutions such as Trello or JIRA - you'll get the team ownership as well as the management reporting without a heavy footprint.


If you are looking for a dev team that builds some PM software, - Pedro Faria has a team that is working on new PM software called Track On Performance. I did some light playing around with it last year when it was still in testing. I am not sure if he has fully released yet.

Our suite of tools includes Zoom for webinars; Microsoft Teams for internal IM; every employee is responsible for their own mobile plan, we just reimburse $50 / month; Microsoft for all tools such as Outlook, Project, Excel, etc.. This combination has worked well for our staff. Hope that helps!

Check out TME Track - Time Materials Expense Tracking Software. It is designed for small teams and is easy to use without customization:

Also check out this article describing how to track tasks, completion dates, and earned value management (primarily for service organizations but should also apply in development):

For simple needs and small teams, I recommend Trello, or another of the Kanban-based tools. I wouldn't recommend Jira because it is a chore to setup and has a learning curve.

I have used Trello and #Slack, simple. For any tool take the time to learn them and tell the team, you get a better result.

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