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Can I set my entire team to be the tender evaluation team?

Initially, I was advised to select only the key people as the evaluation team. But I realised that I should include the entire team to be the tender evaluation team?
Is there any guidelines to select people be the tender evaluation team? Thank you.
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You need to pick the appropriate reviewers based on their functions, and what responsibility they represent in the evaluation process. For example you might have some evaluating specific technical aspects, others the financial stability or capacity of the company, others the cost structure, etc. If you can't answer what specifically someone is reviewing, then most likely they should not be part of the evaluation team.

You could do this if you want your entire team to gain experience in the tender selection process. The Tender Evaluation Process is a very important aspect to any project as the decision you make on who you partner with will have a direct impact on the outcome of the project. So knowing what goes in to make this decisive decision is very important. One suggestion I would make is have a define hierarchy and management structure to the evaluation team, that is who does the ground work, providing information to vendors, answering questions, who is present at tender meetings and presentations and who is part of the team that scales down the number of vendors for the final selection process.

Yes, you can. you need to balance the resources, though.

Each context is different.

How many tenders you have to evaluate? Can you have a few teams with j=key resources, legal, technical, planning....?

Who will keep the project going?

I appreciate Keith's comments on efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation team. I would also add the consideration of help, support and backup. If the review process will be involved you may also have to consider the people needed to help the reviewers. In some cases, it might be about sharing the load, in other cases it might be about reducing obstacles.

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