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I am looking for examples of Project Management Guides. I am supporting a large federal agency and have been asked to develop a Project Management Guide leaning towards using the PMBOK as a guide an
Project Management Guide examples.
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Hi Leonard, I was using the RMC PMP Exam prep , it explains the PMBOK in a very simple way you can use it to develop the guide you need.

One important think is what industry or project types you are talking about ?
Leonard -

Are you looking for a "methodology in a box" type deliverable which covers procedures, governance and provides templates?

While you are likely to find a bunch of template examples on this site, the specific methodology details and governance standards might not be readily available here. However, you could do an online search for PM policies and standards for public sector organizations as they often publish those, and most North American ones would be PMBOK-aligned.

If you search Google for: DoD project management handbook, you will find a variety of guides used by the federal government already.
The PMBOK is a framework, not a methodology. It tells you what should be done, but not how to do it.You can certainly base a project management guide on the PMBOK, however you need to develop a methodology that defines the activities, processes and procedures required to deliver projects. As stated by a couple of others, finding a methodology on-line is fairly easy, and you can tailor it to align with your agency's requirements.
We just released our revised Project Management Directive, but it is mostly about our internal project approval processes, etc. I wish I could share it, but unfortunately it cannot be shared outside our organization. Years ago we fell into the same "trap" as it was previously called a "guide". As such, people did not follow the "guide" and hence it now being referred to as a "directive" (i.e. you MUST do and follow what it states). I believe organizations must first start with a Project Management governance document, and then what should follow are directives, guides, handbooks, processes, procedures, etc.
I agree with Mr. Novak. Use the DoD PM handbook as a guide. I would go a step further and create a template. I'm in both the PM and Systems Engineering Industry, and SEs have to develop a Systems Engineering Management Plan that follows the PMP, but goes into more about a project's methodology. I believe the DoD has this too. Keep in mind that our world is changing. Everyone is adopting the agile approach. This does not mean it's only for software development. In fact agile started in manufacturing. Study what it is, see how you can adapt it to what you are doing. Don't use 'Industry Best Standards" what in the world does that mean. Instead use 'Industry Best Standards' as a baseline to improve and innovate. (No, and innovate does not mean inventing, it's using what you have to create something better)
Agree with Keith and Kiron.
Have you considered Axelos' PRINCE2 which is more methodology-based?

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