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Hyper-care Vs. Early Life Support

Really need to understand; what is the difference between ELS (Early Life Support) and Hyper-care.
My initial understanding is -
ELS - is when we have a new project which needs to be transitioned and we use ELS to give any kind of support required for day 1.
Hyper-care on the other hand is making a Quick FIX team available to handle any post release issues.
Please help clarify this.
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Manish -

I believe these are industry and/or company-specific terms for different service offerings. If you can provide more specifics about the industry or types of projects you are referring to, you are likely to get a helpful response.


In scense both are the same. Just a little difference because the nature of you are delivered. ELS is a term used in ITIL where you deliver services. Hypercare is a term used in the industry when you deliver any type of product. You can say "ok, but I am delivering service in my project" then in this case you will use one of another depending on your method definition.

Hypercare is used to denote the special attention and work immediately after a launch. This could potentially be part of your project or operations.

ELS on the other hand refers to continued project support, after the service launch, while operations is getting up to speed.

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