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PMP December 2019 newly added topics.
I am planning to give PMP exam under the new format on December 2019. While going through the content, i felt the new edition of PMBOK may not be sufficient. Does anyone know where i can get preparatory materials for the newly added syllabus?

I also want to know if i can ask anyone from PMI (maybe a staff assigned for helping in transition) for the materials for preparation.
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Ananth -

Unlike the CAPM exam, the PMP exam tests against the PMBOK and NOT the PMBOK Guide. The former is a virtual collection of information rather than a specific set of books. Exam questions are created by volunteers who are provided multiple different reference books as sources of inspiration.

Many people opt to buy a PMP self-study guide (e.g. RMC, Velociteach) or to attend an in-person or virtual prep course to avoid having to read multiple potential reference books.

Agree with Kiron. For PMP, your personal experience is important as well.
Interestingly, I managed to pass the PMP exam, on my first try, with just the PMBOK guide, some company self-paced courses and a virtual study group. Of course, that was back in 2003. I urge you to supplement the PMBOK guide as your budget allows.

Another source of help is the PMI standards, practice standards and practice guides. They are free downloads for PMI members.
A nice MBA text book will suffice in addition to the PMBOK Guide.
Rita Mulcahy’s Exam Prep Book is a good resource to study from besides the PMBOK
Heads First PMP was my favorite text besides Rita and PMBOK for my exam prep.

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