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What have you overcome in life and/or work to become a PM?

In life and work, we can have challenges that seemingly prevent or make it difficult for us to reach our goals. However, through commitment, perseverance, giftings and the like we are granted or achieve that which we seek.

What is your story, your breakthrough in becoming a project manager?
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For me it was overcoming the internal and external forces which wanted me to remain in a technical leadership role. I was good at that but continuing to do that type of work was no longer a source of inspiration.

I had to find the inner confidence to ignore my inner fears about moving to a new career path in which I wasn't an expert as well as to stop listening to my peers and superiors who felt I should continue to deliver high value as a techie.

I had to detach myself from the technical work. I've been an information technologist for quite a while and I still enjoy dabbling in Office macros, for example. I cannot be effective as a project manager, if I'm debugging the macro that sends the emails to my stakeholders.

Hi George: What a fun question! My career path has been pretty unique but I'll start with my role in a large health insurance company with 3 million members. While working at this company, I was approached by leadership to "shepherd" a program which led to "shepherding" multiple programs and eventually I was asked to build a new program and lead it for several years. At one point this grew to involve 2 call centers with teams in multiple locations reporting to me. One day someone approached me about project management certification - I'd never heard of this before. After a job change and a new role with the title of project manager, I finally looked into it and achieved my PMP certification. My journey evolved over time and it has been fun along the way. To be honest others around me realized I was a project manager long before I did.

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