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What are the best groups to join to connect with other Salesforce implementation Project Managers?

Hello, I am new to the PMI community. I am a project manager for Salesforce implementations, and I would love to connect with others in the same space to talk about the best learning opportunities, tools, and best practices.
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Betty, welcome to this great community.

You are in the right place. There are no groups here but there is a discussion board, blog board and then you can go under community and connect with colleagues of similar interests and line of business.

Welcome. Yes, agree with Rami. No specific groups, but even still, many individuals here with various experiences and backgrounds.

great topic- i'm getting ready to kick-off a new project that using Salesforce

Hi Betty,

I am interested in connecting to other PMs responsible for Salesforce Implementations also! Maybe we should start our own group.

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