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911 Disaster Response / Project Management
Is anyone aware of a post-mortem or analysis of the disaster response and subsequent project management with regards to the 911 disaster? I have always been curious as to the behind-the-scenes management of the initial response and the resulting cleanup. I can only imagine the effort involved.
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There was a great deal. Many of the issues concerning the immediate response had to do with the lack of unified authority on the scene and the difficulty with inter-agency communication. In other words, those at the scene weren't sure who was in charge and they couldn't talk to each other. I suppose there are some project lessons to be learned, there.
On a higher level, the big outcome of the causes leading up to 9/11 Terrorism attack on the US was the lack of communication between the various government agencies. Each agency had a piece of the puzzle but at the time there was no domestic and foreign agency that had the responsibility, authority and oversight to put all these pieces together to unravel the developing plot. Since then joint agency task forces both in the military and the intelligence community collaborate on intelligence gathering operations and military strikes against known terrorists. Also airport security was not as strict both at airfields and major airports about persons using them for terrorism related issues. Since then security at airports has been radically increased to prevent terrorism plots.

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