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What are the qualities of the quintessential project manager?

If you could mold the quintessential project manager, what qualities and capabilities would you instill in your prototype? Would you apply knowledge of specific domains, introduce specific personality traits, inject humor, implant certain leadership and management skills, etc

From a methods and practice point of view, where in the spectrum would you place your super-PM and what certifications would they hold. I believe we all have an ideal, what is yours?
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I will get the ball rolling by suggesting you'd want to have the right balance of experience & skills across all three legs of the Talent Triangle with a super-sized dose of servant-leadership thrown in for good measure.

The specific level required for each of the legs would be driven by the context of a given project.

Someone who is solutions-focused, open minded, and able to collaborate well with team members, stakeholders, and execs. Someone who is highly organized. I also think curiosity is important because it allows you to keep an open mind, and always willing to learn new things; from project management techniques to trends in your industry. Or...a completely new industry.

It would be a business-oriented person with strong PM skills.

First, she/he needs to be influential, diplomatic, strong in behavior, immovable in his/her values, people-oriented, inspiring.

From my standpoint, the PM does not do projects. We should not write code or run tests. We as PMs are leaders who transform organizations and lives by aligning the organization needs and wants with the work done by those who do the projects (programmers, designers, etc.)

Everyone above as really hit the nail on the head. all these things can lead to the perfect project manager. I would also throw in that they need to have thick skin. These are the main person being in communication with all the players, and in a lot of projects, they will be the one to take the brunt of the conflict/harmful words/etc. They need to be able to remain level headed through these and come to the desired outcome.

I would have a Project Manager who could quickly adapt to any situation that they found themselves in because this is a situation that every Project Manager has a experienced at some stage in their career. An accumulation of such experience expands a Project Managers tools, techniques and approaches available to them in order to respond to problems. I would see a quintessential project manager and a super project manger having different skillsets as one is your typical project manger and the other is your all hero project manager.

I would submit my prototype to as many projects as possible so the prototype can build the experience needed to become an effective leader. We learn by doing.

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