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Lean Six Sigma and/or CSCP

I have just got my PMP certification, and was wondering in addition to this should I pursue CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) Certification and/or Lean Six Sigma Certification. I have read about both of them in PMBOK 6 and wonder they will be beneficial for me further. Please give pros and cons on this matter.
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Congrats on your PMP.

As for your question, both are beneficial but not sure if they will be beneficial to you. It all depends on what you do for work and if you are seeking this for Knowledge Purposes or Career Advancement.

Not sure they are comparable as they both are for the most part different, that’s all I can say from my end.

In a nutshell…. Certified Supplier chain professionals (CSCP) is logistics oriented. This means that if you are in a logistic/ supply chain industry, CSCP will come in handy as you will have the skill set and knowledge on shipping routes, warehousing equipment, workings of a distribution-centre, warehousing locations, freight rates, fuel costs, etc

Six Sigma is more about eliminating errors within processes. If you are in business process role, process improvement type of roles, then Six Sigma may be the better option. Six Sigma allows you to apply its methodologies to your work across any industry - manufacturing, services and logistics. If I work in a bank, then CSCP may not be THAT useful.

In any case, certification serves to SUPPORT the work that you do / industry that your company operates and does business. Getting a certification doesn't necessarily mean that you can "break into" a new industry nor does it mean that you are better than someone with experience but without certification.

Hard to say. Depends on your career path and needs.
1 reply by Salem M. Alanzi
Jul 31, 2019 9:13 AM
Salem M. Alanzi
totally agree. it Depends on your situation

Jul 25, 2019 8:11 AM
Replying to Abolfazl Yousefi Darestani
Hard to say. Depends on your career path and needs.
totally agree. it Depends on your situation

Congratulations on you PMP, Syed! As for additional certifications, you should consider the story you want to tell future clients and employers.

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