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Topics: Information Technology, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
How do you determine if an Agile, Waterfall or hybrid approach is best for your project?
A chief of IT services shared her thoughts on determining project delivery approaches, managing stakeholders and more in this PM Network interview:
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Fully agree with Sergio and Anton. Understand the agile behaviours, concepts and techniques (practises) and apply what makes sense to the project. You can apply a retrospective event or the concept of user stories also in waterfall (phase) - driven approaches.
Jul 31, 2019 4:10 PM
Replying to Chris Blythe
Looks like most commentators agree its about choosing the right approach for each project. One thing I've noticed in recent years is a growing awareness in the industry that the various methodologies, approaches and tools are just that - things we can use to make sense of a project. I've found, as my experience grows, I make judgement calls as I go about which to use. My bottom line is doing the least I need to do to run a project safely as most people around me aren't project trained so find the process and jargon a barrier. I tend to plan in stages and apply an appropriate approach for each stage - whether 'waterfalled' or 'iterative' or a bit of both.
I've also noticed PMI's recent work in the soft-skills space and I've found that no matter what tools, plans, documents etc I use, its all about the people and relationships. I've worked with thorough project managers who struggle to relate well with others, and so depsite having a well-planned project they have problems delivering.
Hi Chris:)
Very glad to see your comments here and it really helps and makes me much more confident on the job hunting for an ICT PM in New Zealand.

Sophia Guo
I think there are two factors that broadly impact the decision
1. Nature of the Project
2. Organization existing practice, culture & willingness to adapt the methodology

For selection of the methodology that we going to apply for the project,
I would like to classify it to Complex, Complicated & Obvious in the Nature. Here let me share what I mean by the each of them

Complex - where project dynamics change very frequently, required lot of time & resources in R&D, very demanding stockholders, customer inter activeness is helpful in terms of achieving project goal, requirements are evolve & change over the period of time. Here incremental deliverable would have great advantage to quickly correct our-self and get the output on track with minimal lose.

Obvious - I would say in the project we can easily set the Standard Operating Procedures, pre-define set of activities are also broadly defined, Out put of the phases in the project is pretty much predictive, most of the activities are also sequential

Complicated - We can't set more than 60% of SOP, can't have more than 50% of pre-define activities, Need to respond on requirement change. Basically this is the area where we can apply the best practices in the industry.

Based on the above classification, I think for the project whose nature is complex should implement the Agile methodology whereas project nature is obvious can be implemented with Waterfall model. We can adapt mix / hybrid approach for the complicated project nature.
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