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Blockchain usage for project management in construction...
Just read this interesting article by Don Tapscott who has been a strong champion of legitimate business uses for blockchain technology for a while. It looks at the application of blockchain in the construction engineering industry.


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The thought is good but without a well thought out data storage and retrievable process to accommodate the Engineering - Procurement - Construction (EPC) process, I'm afraid it will all fall short. The major players in EPC environment cannot efficiently control their own in house data - I doubt getting it independently from outside sources would be much better. Making EPC data usable, accessible and relevant to the unique building - facility EPC Process and keeping it current is the answer but we haven't accomplished it yet. There are many possibilities out there to make it work but one has to coordinate it with existing data banks to make it really effective. CSI Master Format, Primavera, Risk Ledgers, Means Data, Submittal Logs ….
The problem is when people think that blockchain is about to technology. Is not about technology is about to integrate companies/organizations into the same business and value change. On the other side, this is not new. This is something some organizations is using from 1990 and before. The only thing that have changed is the supporting technology. I did that for MAERKS containers application and their migration to blockchain recentrly.

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