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Project tracking software help
Hoping for advice. We are looking for a way to do the following and can't figure out software: we want to create a new project with a few pieces of information like primary stakeholder ,start date, description, and project manager. and we want to be able to enter daily or weekly updates. Most importantly, we went to be able to help put a report with the metadata and only the most recent status update. we have a homegrown Microsoft Access database for this, but it is quickly becoming too difficult to maintain and keeps breaking. Thanks for your advice. Budget for it is questionable, not out of the question, but may not be feasible.
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MS Project will do that. Or chose any of the Gantt chart tools online, such as Smartsheet.
If there is no big project porfolio on place and your request if simple, than MS Excel should do the work. No initiate costs needed.
MS Project does the functions you mention, you can include an add-in to show S-curves.

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