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Heather McLarnon Online Community Specialist|
Before posting in the discussion forums, please make sure to read our User Guidelines! (

Below are a few highlighted sections to make note of!

-Using Links, Solicitation, Self-promotion, etc. - We ask that members refrain from self-promotion, advertising, soliciting, promoting products or services, requesting survey participation, or posting unsolicited outside links in areas of conversation on Posts such as these may be considered advertising and/or spam and treated as such. If you would like to share information you think will benefit the community, we ask that you share that information in the content of your original post instead of linking to an outside site.

-Surveys - We do not allow outside surveys to be conducted in any form within the community unless it is sponsored by PMI Academic Research or is conducted by our Market Research team. This is to protect the privacy of our members. You may post your request in the LinkedIn group for feedback from your peers.

-Protect your privacy and that of others - Ensure that the community remains a healthy and safe forum for the exchange of ideas by using the private message system to have personal conversations with other members.
Privacy Tips:
• Do not request or share your personal information or the personal information of others in public posts. This includes e-mail addresses and/or other personal contact information.
• We respect that, as a professional, you may work with confidential or proprietary information – and we would never ask you to compromise your relationship with clients or employers. If you would like to share specific examples, please be sure that you aren’t posting anything that would violate any contractual agreements (copyright, trade-secret, or otherwise) or nondisclosure agreements to which you are a party.

-Stay on topic - When sharing information with the community, help other members find your contribution by posting in the appropriate area and staying on topic. Off-topic or unproductive posts will be edited, moved and/or removed for the benefit of all members. If you cannot find an appropriate topical area for the content you would like to share, please contact any member of the Community Team who are active on for assistance.

-Job Postings - We do not allow job postings within If you’re interested in posting a job request, please feel free to visit the PMI Jobs board at
Md. Golam Rob Talukdar Project Manager| AWR Development (BD) Ltd. Cox???s bazar , Bangladesh

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