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Create new/first-time PM process flow with templates
Hello everyone,

I have been assigned to a new PM role for our small Info Security/IT department (Gov Agency). This is a new step/change for everyone and I am also new in the team :)

I need to establish brand a new PM process along with reusable Standard templates to manage all departmental IT projects. Most of the project are Tech Refresh and implementing/configuring new applications/software with in-house engineers and some vendor support.

I am looking for:

A Simple PM process flow with reusable templates.
When each document/template is used and how they are put into play in step of the PM process flow.
Easily generate executive report/feedback for milestones/closure

Technologies available to use:
MS Project, Word, Excel, and Visio

Since I am the only one person PM team for the department, least amount of document to manage is preferable. Just need the must have (major) reusable documents templates.

Any suggestion or direction will be appreciated as I am already being assigned to projects.

Thanks for your replies in advance!
As a person who has developed and managed many process types including PM processes, I caution that you are unlikely to find a single process flow that covers all your needs. There are templates available for many different steps or "threads" within processes, but developing the overarching flow of how process steps fit together requires some architectural development.

It also requires knowledge of what governance requirements already exist within the organization as a process does not exist in a vacuum. Often there is a high level flow diagram of the end to end process, but the steps themselves have lower-level flow diagrams of the detail level process for each step.

Since it is a government agency (what agency I don't know), often they have their own process requirements for vendors such as a defined set of gates. That can be your starting point for your own process, and then your job is to say how you pass individual gates, and how you proceed from one gate to the next.

The software choice is somewhat irrelevant until you define the context in which the software will be used.

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