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Do you have idea how to formally evaluate some new project management approach (e.g. new way of work)?

In my organisation we typically work on projects using one way of work.
My experience proves that there is a way to do this type of work more efficiently.
I need to show/prove this formally in order to get senior management evaluate my idea and allow the new way of work in project management.
Is there some simulator or any other way how to show this?
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I can't speak to any type of simulator, but could you not simply highlight the benefits and value add from this 'new approach'? Highlight to senior management where this new approach solves any problems or downfalls in the current approach. Speak to other benefits that will come with the new approach and be sure to include WIIFT (What's in it for them).

Are you
Delivering value faster
Optimizing resource utilization
Saving money
Earning money
Optimizing processes

You can describe the benefits of the new approach, but I believe the only way to convince people it will work is to demonstrate it using a real project. Is there an upcoming project you can convince your senior management to use to test this new approach?

Here comes:
You will use it as a solution to a business problem. Do not forget that.

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