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The Value of Commuting time - have you experienced it?
It sounds like a peculiar question, doesn’t it? Over the years, I have found that my commute becomes enjoyable when I schedule project-related problems/concerns to reflect and/or work on. In essence, I create a mini-project plan of thought-based activities to tackle for my next commute, doing this frees my mind up so that I can be more relaxed at home (well, it works most of the time).

What is your experience during your commute? How long is it and do you try to gain value out of it (besides getting from point a to point b)?
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My commute to/from work is about half an hour on the train, each way . I spend it reading books. These days the books are all related to Leadership.

The idea is :-
Not to realize that I am in a sardine can packed with hundreds of other travelers
No need to check the time because by the time page 30 is finished, I am at my destination
At the end of 2-3 weeks I have finished a good book and have imbibed a lot from it
Not to stress and think about work or home but be immersed in the book and in my zone , akin to meditation.
My commute time varies. I have my Kindle, phone, and headphones.
Kindle has a combination of professional growth books and fiction/non-fiction. Currently trying to finish IT :)
Podcasts, same as books, some professional development, others either tech, banter, story-telling, etc.
Sometimes I simply just listen to music and browse around Reddit, Discord, Slack, Twitter.

I also get off the train early to enjoy a nice walk. Definitely not reading then, so either music or podcast :)

My commute consists of a drive to train station, two-trains, and a walk. About 1hr45.I also don't generally sit on the train, so that limits my options. And like Deepesh mentions, not always the most comfortable. Because I tend to leave later in evening, the commute home is calmer.
I commute using public transit roughly 2 days per week and that's 45 minutes each way. That provides a good time to get caught up on the usual business/leadership online resources I'd normally read at home (e.g. but also to read eBooks - those tend to be a mix of business/leadership but also an esoteric mix of fiction.

Thankfully, I get on at an early station in the morning and depart from the terminus in the afternoon so finding a (relatively) quiet spot to read is not an issue.

My commute is almost 20-30 min each way. I prioritize the job-related tasks while driving on the first one and plan for the personal issues on the second.
I try to enjoy my commute (listening to podcasts in the car or riding my bike).

Generally, I avoid giving away "free work" (unless its to an actual charity) - if someone needs/wants a PM to complete a task/action then I don't think its unreasonable for that person to pay for a PM's time.

Emergency/disaster/life & death situations excluded - sometimes its worth working for free!, just not as a habitual thing.
A few years ago, I was commuting almost weekly to upstate New York from Montréal, a three-and-a-half hour drive. I started listening to audio-books. I've since kept the practice in my now shorter commute (45 minutest from the cottage during the summer months and 10 minutes from home the rest of the year.)

I listen to a variety of genre. It's a great way to educate, edify and entertain yourself during your commute.

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