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Breaking into the Commercial Fit-Out Industry

Does anyone have any advice on how to break into Fit-Out Project Management in the Uk?

I have an Engineering degree, PRINCE2, PMP and 5 years industrial project experience.
I can't seem to get a second look; I interview well, but I'm yet to get an interview.

Is networking the key? Are there roles underneath Fit-Out PM that would lead me there?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.
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I am not in Uk but here in Canada, networking is definitely a key. There are more job opportunities in the hidden market that only be presented to the network.

It is difficult, I know one guy who does it and it seems a very closed world, that I could get nowhere with getting into. It is very lucrative too. Try talking with the allied roles of Architects and Quantity Surveyors, see if they know ways in.

When you say a second look do you mean to say they've seen you physically once? I know people email their résumés and then wonder why nobody calls them for an interview.

If there are particular places that are of interest, make sure you introduce yourself to the manager, HR, whoever will see you. You need to put yourself above the rest: figure out what everybody is doing and do more.

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