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Best Tool for Multiproject Management with different teams

Hello, I'm looking for a software that helps me manage multiple projects (over 20) in a waterfall environment, specially I need help tracking team members activities (as some teams are local and other regionals) and build weekly reports.

I currently use MS project 2007 and Excel. I'm unsure if just by upgrading to a recent version of MS Project might give me the help I'm looking for or maybe I should consider other tools like Monday, Liquid Planner, ITM, etc. Based on your experience what would be your recomendation? (Generally I'm really time-constrained, as I just not only manage projects but I also need to execute internal activities for them).

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I've got the same challenge and have been researching options for the past few months and have not found an ideal solution yet. Would be helpful to hear from others who've found a solution.

Spider Project may meet your expectations. But it is hard to be sure because you did not specify your requirements and industry.
I personally consider tracking as the next step after good resource constrained planning that is largest contribution to project success.
Visit for further information on this software that is used in 36 countries for managing most complex projects.

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