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PM key activities and behaviors to successfully deliver a project
Hello PM community!

I would like to collect the good practices in terms of project management.

So I have a question for you experts of the PM community: based on to your experience, what are the key activities and behaviors you need to deploy to successfully deliver a project?

If you take a look on the PMBook, activities such as define project charter, identify stakeholders, define the scope/schedule/cost baseline, manage team, control scope/schedule/budget, collect the lessons learned seem to be the most obvious ones.
In terms of behaviour: of course, being ethic, create a positive environment, build trust, support the team, award them, seem the most logical answers.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Your question has so many possibilities for answers!

The PMBOK is a book of knowledge (obviously). I don't view the key activities and behaviors as a regurgitation of the PMBOK; although what you have suggested certainly hit the mark.

Ultimately, it is selecting the knowledge components that are pertinent to a given project and managing the related activities in a way that will deliver 1. user adoption and 2. business value to the organization.

So, for example, one project might have a major focus on risk management … and therefore is viewed as a key activity to project success, while another project may have a minor focus on it … and not considered as a key activity to project success.
what are the key activities and behaviors you need to deploy to successfully deliver a project? First of all, define what does mean "project success" for the organization where you are running the project. Second, create the metrics for that without forgetting the key diference between product and project when you define it. For example "growth 5% in market share in the next year" must not be assigned as a success facto for the project. You will achieve that goal because the product created by the project and all related to the product is not on hands of the project manager, is on hands of the business analyst.The project will contribute to that thanks project quality but no more than that.
Tommy -

A disciplined approach to tailoring and appropriately applying the processes provided by the PMBOK framework helps, but to be an effective PM you will need to hone your interpersonal skills - influence, negotiation, conflict resolution, exceptional communications and so on.


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