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How do you compare MS Project vs Primavera in IT Projects?
I have expertise in MS Project and looking into assessing Primavera as a tool.
What are the differences in terms of user friendliness, flexibility, reporting, resource management and mapping, and other features?
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Absent of any experience I have on Primavera, there are comparisons on the Internet:
… and many more.

If others weigh in on differences from experience in this forum, it would be interesting to see how that compares with what others outside of this forum are saying about the two. Presumably they would be similar(?).
Thank you very much James.
Primavera is a full-featured, complex tool that is well suited for projects with a project office. It is not for the faint of heart as it is quite involved. Be prepared for Oracle's usually higher pricing.
Thanks Stephane. Seems its sophistication lies mostly in the resource management feature, better suits construction or similar industries.
We used it twenty years ago to manage a $250M CAD software development project.

Part of the sophistication is the ability to handle strings of subtasks. Our schedules which drive a large manufacturing system often include thousands of design release tasks and each task has several sub-tasks, such as reviews by SMEs and gatekeepers. Using P6, a skilled user populates the complete schedule by assigning a pre-defined template of detail level events for each different type of design release task scheduled in the SOW.
Thank you for sharing your experience Keith
Oct 02, 2019 11:32 AM
Number of activities handled are lesser in MSP compared to Primavera, Both are data entry driven no real time data integration mostly.
I only have seen P6 used in construction, it so flexible. You can make any report you need.
Thanks Vincent for sharing..
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