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Project Audit process
Can a project be it internal or external (project) be subjected to a third party audit? If yes, by which criteria. For example, ISO 9001 some of us are familiar with revolves around company’s quality management system (QMS).
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It's based on what & how your organization support for quality processes.
In my case, because the level or tier of my projects, each year they are subject of external third party audit. While the process is well stablished in my actual work place we start with a meeting to put the ground rules clear.
Depends on the organization, at least in my experience. There is a special team that comes in and supplies results within an official report. These are usually done in some cadence, such as quarterly. We also have them inserted into the project team for insight into the delivery teams. They are behind the scenes and do not impact any project activities.
Absolutely - client contracts may specify that they can conduct an audit on the delivery process of their vendor in cases where confirming compliance and effectiveness of quality processes by the client is desirable.

You should welcome audits, especially by third-parties. The idea is to learn from them. Ideally, the audits are done while your are still in project execution. That allows you to improve the project in flight, rather than just the next one.
Of course it can. Some contracts specify that the organization has to bring along a 3rd party for audit annually or semi-annually. Depending on the industry or projects, some of those Third Party Audits are mandated by the government to ensure compliance with regulations.
Definitely depends on the organization. My previous company did not have outside auditors for our "projects" just the invoicing of time, which was handled separately from the project. Within my current organization, not only do we have internal audits, but external auditors as I work in a very regulated industry. So again, it just all depends.
Yes, audit can be internal or external, and not only on quality. The audit should be on the full project management process.

It should cover everything, project plan, control, schedule,.... risk management, and safety, environnement,....

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