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The starting point of your career

PM? trainee? project engineer? or not related field?

personally i started mine as a project engineer after graduation.
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I started as a developer and system analyst. I got the project manager skills after some years as leading technical efforts in the area

HR - recruiter/staffing - operations -PM

I started out designing airplane toilet plumbing. I was actually hired to do something else completely but they hired too many people for the job, and I had bills to pay.

Although the least glamorous job I could think of, we had a lot of new design work. I transitioned from designer, to design oversight, to leading new design implementation. Although completely different than what I had studied and planned to do, it turns out there was a lot of opportunity despite it being such a crap job. ;-)

I started out as a switch operator and satellite uplink engineer.
Spending a decade in that field, I was given additional responsibilities like on-site technical management which required detailed planning and communication skills. I suppose that's when I learned coordinating and facilitating project-based work was more interesting.

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