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Scaling new technology across an entire city demanded agile testing and crystal-clear requirements
The Chicago 311 project delivered a new website, rolled out a mobile app to better serve residents, and developed a unified back-end system for handling work orders more efficiently across city departments:
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By breaking the project into two primary phases—one year of planning and 15 months of development and implementation—project managers were able to establish clear expectations from the start.
Greetings !
It is an interesting Project. 17000 Mobile App download and 400,000 service requests logged via the system ,seems a fair start in first three months in terms of numbers.However this generates few queries :
1.Does it mean ,on an average nearly 23 service requests were logged in per Handset? (400000/17000)
2. In order to define KPIs ,I believe you need to compare the results with the volume of existing 311 Web and phone service.
3. As per
Chicago has around 55 Million visitors per year in addition to a population of 2.75 Million .I believe there is huge scope of expansion .The APP can be made popular for visitors also. Many of 200 issues associated with service are relevant to visitors.
All the best!
Very enjoyable article. It's a big project deliverying big value for Chicagoans.
I agree with Stephane, it is a great article.

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