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PMP Exam change is now July 1, 2020
PMI just posted an update on their REP website indicating that given the feedback received from multiple stakeholders, they felt it best to push the effective date for the new PMP exam from mid-December 2019 to July 1, 2020.

This is a good news story for candidates as it gives more time to prepare for and write the current exam using the large volume of resources available.
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Interesting! I don't remember PMI ever pushing their date before.
Nice to know. Surprising.
Thank you for sharing. This is quite surprising but good news for me as I'm preparing to take my first exam.
Muy buena noticia, Gracias por compartir...

Very good news, Thanks for sharing ...
Is it a sign of PMI becoming more agile and receptive?
In any case, we should expect that the increased speed of changes also impact how the certification / the standards should be maintained.
What a relief to know this, as I have been under time pressure. Thank you very much for sharing the news.
Kiron, you are certainly more in tune with this type of information. My impression is this, being the significant change that it is, seemed to have had a relatively short runway, from public announcement to implementation. Seemed to catch many off-guard. With this level of change, I like the decision to postpone the roll-out.
Thank you for sharing this.
I really believe this will be a much bigger change than the spring 2018 one caused by the launch of the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition so giving more time to make sure the exam question pool is solid and providing REPs with sufficient time to update their materials is a good plan to reduce operational risks.
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