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Customer Success Manager

Hi All,

How to become a successful "Customer Success Manager"? Please suggest any websites or blogs to refer to.
Thanks in advance

Ashutosh Trivedi
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I can recommend this site :

Explains all about, and contains links to several kind of bibliography that you can read or consult.

I am not sure about understanding the role you are naming customer manager.. I guest is related to customer service. I like the approach given for customer centric products book


That's pretty ambiguous. There is 1000's of online resources I could point you to.
I would start by writing out the following:
Why are we creating this role?
What are we trying to accomplish (both quantitative and qualitative)?
Why are we trying to accomplish this?
What disciplines or proficiencies do we need to excel in the above why and what?

Only then would I go to market and see what the market is doing? I would try to start at the top. What are the best customer sucess organizations doing? What is their why and what is their what?

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