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How can I get experience as Project Manager working as Regulatory Affairs Specialist?
Can anybody offer me information of any opportunity in the US or CANADA where I can apply without experience as PM, I have a lot of experience in pharmaceutical companies as chemist and regulatory affairs. I am looking for a job opportunity where I can star getting experience as PM.
Thanks for your support in advance.
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Hi Daniel. Consider volunteering your services to organizations specifically looking for help in PM areas. Volunteering can be done anywhere, not specific to US/Canada. If you take this approach, heavily document what you did, how many hours were involved, who can vouch for your involvement, etc. Also, the posting title states you're a Regulatory Affairs Specialist. If you're currently employed, consider asking your immediate manager for opportunities to represent the department in organizational wide projects. Project involvement as a stakeholder can involve testing business applications, creating impact statements, writing business/user requirement, among others. All this experience exposes you to varying phases of the PM life cycle. More importantly, networking opportunities. Once you demonstrate your dedication to do more, your manager might even be open to arranging job shadowing opportunities with the PMO. Those are a few thoughts for consideration. Best of luck!
You have two options to break into project management: a) lead a small project, or b) assist on a large project (for example, project analyst).

Please note that you might be unable to leverage your pharmaceutical experience in other countries, due to the differences in legislations. (Canada is quite different than the US.)
If you do not have experience as project manager then you need to have a certification. How you will assure that you can manage a project? I believe that you can but is not what I believe is about the perception of people that will hire you. As @Alyne wrote perhaps being part of a charper if the chapter agree on including you inside the projects they run is a good option.
From a hiring perspective, it will be very hard to walk into a new organization as a PM without any documented Project Management hours or certifications.

If this is truly the direction you want to go... I recommend talking to your current organization about giving hours to your internal Project Management Office. If you don't have a PMO in your company, then ask about opportunities to assist on any key initiatives being managed by a Project Manager or Scrum Master or Six Sigma Team.

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