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Documentation standard for modification in existing feature
We are creating Software Requirement Specification (SRS) for adding new feature in existing projects. There are many standard documents available, which we are using for SRS creation. If we are making some modifications to existing feature, is there any standard documents available.
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Typically an SRS is used for software that is to be developed which is why it includes the purpose, description. how software connects/integrates/etc within existing systems or processes and specific (highly detailed) requirements. For what you're describing, modifications to an existing feature, a few recommendations would be: as is vs. to be diagrams/flow charts (imperative to document how the function or lack of currently works and how it will be designed and expected to work), technical requirements, functional requirements and user (if done seperately at your org) requirements.
Do you not have SRS for the current feature set?
There are a variety of software change templates available. With product changes there are 2 aspects of formal documentation. There are the changes to the product configuration itself, and there is the PM side such as documenting the expected cost, when it will be complete, who all is impacted, and the other factors necessary to plan and approve the change.
Do not reinvent the wheel. Use IEEE Std 830. That´s my recommendation.

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