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Vendor Management Roles, Responsibilities, Transition from Project to Operations

Does anyone have effective processes, role definition and templates for transition vendor performance and relationship management post project? Looking to improve how this transitions from ITS PMO to Business/ITS partnership including roles and responsibilities and general structure. Any examples of success would be great.
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I think I understand the question. 1. The vendor is currently managing and is responsible for the project? 2. You're looking for feedback on how to transition responsibility of the product from vendor to the buyer/business?

If I understand the question, then I would focus on developing and communicating a Project Closeout Plan. This should be in the contract and understood by the vendor and the business.

I would also assume there is some type of care and feeding at the time the switch is made or the product is considered implemented. As part of Closeout, I would create a Hypercare process. Meaning, get alignment from the business leaders and vendor that for x-weeks, the vendor will stay on to fully support the process until there is x-full weeks of critical or high tickets/issues. Again, this should have been in a SOW.

Closeout process would also incorporate ensuring proper training was conducted and signed off by the business, feedback has been gathered by stakeholders to ensure everyone can provide lessons learned and also commit that the business now owns the operation.

Hope some of my immediate thoughts help.
Kristi -

I'd suggest you look at the ITIL library as a lot of this info would be defined there.


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