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Are there dimensions that, in your opinion, give you credibility?

For the stakeholders of the projects you participate in to trust you, you must be a credible person.
Are there any dimensions that, in your opinion, give you this credibility?
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1. Keeping stakeholders well-informed
2. Keeping the promises you make
3. Having unquestionable integrity. For PMs this is usually displayed by telling stakeholders bad news voluntarily and early, instead of trying to conceal it. Most people can sense, even unconsciously, when someone isn't being completely truthful, and if stakeholders get that sense about a PM his or her credibility will be greatly reduced.

As you stated, credibility is directly associated with trust. More specifically, it is related to Cognitive trust, wherein a stakeholder chooses to trust you based on the qualities they see in you. The characteristics of cognitive trust align with @Eric’s answer and are Competence, Reliability, Dependability, and Integrity.

1. Demonstrating that you understand the business domain which your project will affect
2. Demonstrating good judgment
3. Being transparent and acting with integrity
4. Consistency in delivery

Be humble, listen, help others, be honest and transparent, show respect, act responsibly, be fair.
Build relationships (sit together, eat, drink and talk).

I completely agree with Eric's excellent answer. I will add that part of my credibility is that I remain calm under pressure.

I will voluntarily share the problems early for transparency, and let the stakeholders know that I have them under control. If and when the time comes where I have to share a major concern and ask for help, that is a serious need, and not an overreaction.

I find that part of the PM art is knowing when and how to ask for help so that you get what you need when you need it, and not when you don't want it.

- Uncovering our core values:
Explore how job responsibilities should be carried out that incorporate our core values to build effective leadership and followership, and thus engage stakeholders from our hearts.

- Improve individuals' values and align with organizational values:
When strengthen positive values and eliminate or minimise negative values, we can convince stakeholders with our conviction, and thus build accountability and trust. Then, work on aligning individuals' values with the organisation’s core values to further develop credibility.

- Congruence of Internal disposition and external disposition:
Train and instil rationality and objectivity in our minds to notice dissonance between how we think and how we feel (internal disposition), diagnose the causes of dissonance, and take steps to reconcile. Subsequently, we can articulate coherently and behave consistently (external disposition) with what we think and feel.

Integrity, service, respect and excellence.

From Eric's to Stéphane's comments -- I couldn't agree more.

May I add one more? -- Boy Scott motto: Be prepared!

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