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Cyber Security Trainings for Project Manager?
Dear all,
Cyber Security is a very well known topic. But resources are less available and to increase the level of Cyber Security you need depply trained employees. Sofar as a project manager I would be interested also to get involved in projects for cyber security. After long standing activities in project management I do not have any expirience in Cyber Sec and looking for a good way to get started with this topic.
Has anyone some advise or even performed a carreer path for project manager in cyber security?

Many thanks
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Hi Benjamin, I am a Project Manager in cyber defense space. If you can let me know what exactly you are looking at then I may be of some help.
I just started the process to transition into cyber security. I started by asking several friends in the cyber security field what I should do, and they suggested I get a basic cyber security certification. They recommended the CompTIA Security+, which is commonly known and respected in the industry. They also suggested getting the 'CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-501 Study Guide', by Darril Gibson. The Amazon link is below.
I am also considering getting the CompTIA Security+.

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