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To be a credible project manager which one is the most important?

If we consider that:
Integrity and Intent are the two dimensions of Character.
Training and Results are the two dimensions of Competence
To be a credible project manager which is the most important: Character or Competence?
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Luis -

I don't believe this is a valid choice. A credible PM possesses both - not having a minimal amount of either will reduce stakeholder trust in the PM.


In my opinion, Character is the most important to be credible, but not only, you also need a minimum of competence.

You don't need to limit yourself to one.

I have to agree that one is not more important than the other. You need both to be credible as a PM.

both of them are important, but Competence is important for all persons and all of the managers. character is more important for the project manager and it is aplus for project manager.

Both quality is equality important for a PM as many has mentioned. I would like to add is Character developed over time but competence can be acquire thru training. In this sense Character should carry more weight.

Both character and competence are of utmost importance in our profession.

But depending on the situation/scenario, one may outweigh the other for importance.

Regardless, the reputation that you build must be such that neither ever comes into question. This is part of what makes a Project Manager effective and successful.

I guess it depends on whether you want to be liked as an individual or as a project manager.

Credible to me is: Do people believe you're the right person doing the right work? Are you trusted? Have you delivered positive business outcomes in the past? Do you have a reasonably healthy track record of success? Do your peers, stakeholders, Steerco, and leaders believe in you?

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