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Gamified Risk management work shop
Dear friends, trying to organize a project Risk management workshop, we are determined to run a gamified scenario for Risk management process steps, for the participants so they can experience an atmosphere of a real challenging project during about 1:30 hours. I was wondering if anybody has the experience of establishing such gamified workshop involving about 100-150 persons. And particularly, what would the pit-falls?
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I have seen/done simulations of risk workshop in a small group about 15 peoples. The duration was about half a day. Has far as adding gamification I have never seen it.

Creating a challenge-based atmosphere in any workshop is what a facilitator wants. I have played with non-serious gamification when facilitating in the past (e.g., I’ll give you a point for that one … your group is winning on ideas…), but never formally. I think the idea of executing formal gamification has great potential, especially for Risk Management where folks often tread in shallow waters, versus going for a swim in the deep.

However, 1.5 hours doesn’t sound like much time to have a “workshop” with 100 to 150 people, let alone have team-based mechanics that are gamified. I’ll look forward to hearing your report on the approach.
What you could consider is to create teams that would compete to find more risk. Each team set on a table or a room. Follow by a big meeting to present their finding and give points.
One potential challenge - you may need anywhere from 10-30 minutes to explain the process to a group of 100-150 people, and have them all understand it.

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