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Situational, transformational leadership or other approach?

Situational Leadership The Project Manager adopts the leadership approach that best suits the person and / or situation.
Transformational Leadership The Project Manager inspires people to take advantage of their value and potential.
There are other proposals on the theme of leadership.
What leadership approach should the Project Manager use?
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PMI PMBoK lists these leadership styles:

Transactional (goals – achievement)
Transformational (empowering, inspiring)
Charismatic (enthusiastic, inspiring)
Interactional (combination of the last 3)
Servant leader (Greenleaf)

on top of these, you may find in reality (though not recommended)

Dear Thomas
No matter what the PMBOK Guide lists, I would love to hear from you as a Project Manager


in my 40+ years in projects I saw all of this - successfully applied. Even coercive worked well in a politically difficult environment with tight timelines. Think that many companies still apply autocratic style (most startup founders call the bets) - if project managers are equipped with positional authority (like in construction).
Personally, I applied servant leadership first in a waterfall project from 1992.

As a project manager, it is your task to make the dream of the sponsor come true, not to make people happy.

As an example - look at critical projects like what first responders do (firefighters, police, emergency room) - which is mainly autocratic, has clear command lines, involves deep planning and preparation and has agile execution.

I think people tend to adopt the style that best fits the organisational culture and their own personal preference, based on their past experience. I personally like the situational leadership model.

I tend to use the Transformational mode; I think that's my strength . according to DISC profile , I sit at a very strong I (Influence).

To answer the question - I do not believe the PM should follow any specific model as a default. Besides the fact that different people have different skills which makes a specific model more efficient for them you also have team members and culture. Some cultures respond better to certain leadership approaches than others. It is very important to be able to activate your strengths appropriate to a leadership model to address cultural differences if you work internationally.

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