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Topics: Requirements Management, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
What if customer added a requirement in a stringent timeline?
Many of client/customer tendency to add valuable requirement in the last stage of project where timeline really matter.

What is your end findings with this regards. Where we already know item not in WBS not in part of deliverables.
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Sep 12, 2019 4:39 AM
Hi All,

It's really a very good & positive feedback I have received. Really appreciable.

But actually the things happened in worst case. My team breadth is very less. On delivery every team member including me also have absolutely zero breadth. But the task has been given is rigorous one. Client/Customer told we have to deliver the item. Otherwise total delivery can fail. Even if they told CR, negotiation, cost, schedule etc. we need to manage. Without any delay they don't bother. Items are in forced situation.

We are doing overtime. What else we can do. Anything out of the box or apart from PMBOK general concept.
If, as I understand, milestones are fix and scope is increased, you might think to descope other things. And add skilled resources to the team, regardless of cost. All this is highly risky though.

And your negotiating position seems weak.
Make sure you write an CYA letter to protect yourself and team from their decisions.

Many similar stories led to total project failure. For example Berlin airport is delayed several years mainly because of scope change (originally it was meant to be a fast boarding airport then sponsors added malls).
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