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Do you usually use the PMP lapel pin?

When we made PMP certification we received a pin.
Do you usually use the PMP lapel pin?
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I didn't even know we had such a thing.
Does it give me arrest powers over bad project managers?

For a while I wore my pin when I went to PMI Chapter meetings, but no one else was wearing theirs. I might wear it to large PMI conferences, but if others do not, I will also stop. In my opinion I worked hard to earn the pin and want to wear it - but it does not seem to be too popular with my peers.

Also, Wade's comment made me chuckle :)

Sep 13, 2019 10:17 AM
Replying to Stéphane Parent
Bonne chance, Vincent! I tried to get one and it tells me I cannot get it because I already got one.
I decided to check again into the pin, assuming that it would now have the new logo. I used the online chat, stating that I could not order the pin from the store.

The lady simply confirmed my mailing address and said one would be shipped, at no cost to me!
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